The Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program is a real estate home loan reward savings program for Teachers and Educators when they buy or refinance a home.  The Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program can be referred to as a mortgage program for heroes.

Take the Teacher's Exam for a quick and easy pre-qualification or continue reading to educate yourself on the benefits of the Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program.

Why? I saw a need for Educators, and all who work with our children to have a special ‘HERO’ home loan program designed specific to TEACHERS!  A need I have experienced first hand both personally and professionally.  

Why Teachers and Educators Specifically? My sister works in the Ft. Zumwalt School District, my Aunt in the Francis Howell School District. I have many family, friends, and clients who are in Education throughout Missouri and I have found there is a need for this program.

When my children were in school I was fortunate enough to help one of their teachers, then another, and then their friends and family who were teachers, I worked with them ALL as if they were family. My children have grown into amazing people that came from the work we as parents provided them, but also through their experiences with the many wonderful educators they had year to year to year.

As I have helped many of our family, friends, and acquaintances in education with their home loans I decided it was time that ALL TEACHERS should receive the same special mortgage program that I have been providing to friends and family for years!


HERO PROGRAM? YES! I have found that Teachers are tireless and dedicated professionals who inspires, guides, enlightens, and motivates. Touches many lives forever and help to make the world a better place. Teachers and Educators are truly HEROES to many!


Benefits of Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program
Simply stated, the Missouri Teachers Home Loan Programs saves you money through:

·         Discounted interest rate

·         Larger lender credit to pay closing costs

·         Underwriting and Processing fee paid at closing through lender credit (up to $1295 value)

·         No application fee, credit report fee paid at time of pre-approval/pre-qualification

·         No rate lock fee

·         Flexible underwriting

·         Can be combined with an approved 2nd lien down payment assistance program


Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program™ Guidelines;

·         Purchase or refinance

·         NOT limited to first time buyers

·         Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA Loan Programs

·         No income limit*

·         Credit scores as low as 580 – 620 depending on program

·         Down payment options as low as 0 – 3.5% (money can be gifted)

·         15 or 30 year fixed loan terms available

* Income limits and additional guidelines may apply if combining with a down payment assistance, HOMEReady or HomePossible program.  

Property Types;

Eligible Properties

·         1-4 Single family residence (SFR)

·         Detached PUD / Condo’s

·         Primary Residence

Ineligible Property Types

·         Manufactured homes (occasional exceptions possible)

·         Log homes or condotels
·         Investment properties

The Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program is available to;
Teachers, Faculty, Coaches, Librarians, Nurses, Secretaries, Custodial/Facilities Staff, School/District Leadership, Professors, Adjunct Faculty, Counselors, any ISD/Higher EDU/Private EDU employee.

Because Teachers Matter! Teachers and all Educators Deserve Recognition and Benefit for Their Work! Let's work together.