Credit Score e-book

About the author:

Bob Rutledge has been a Mortgage Loan Officer since 1996 every month he helps home buyers who were turned down, turned away, or just thought that their credit did not measure up to financing their new home. If it can be done I will get it done.

What you'll learn in this eBook:

  • The factors considered when determining your FICO score. Knowing your credit report and how your scores are determined is important to you and getting you the best possible mortgage solution.

  • The minimum score that most homeowners should have if they were working with any other Mortgage Lender!

  • How lenders view your FICO score.

  • Methods to improve your FICO score, they are others too that I can help with.

  • Where to check your score and learn more about FICO. Buying a 3 Score Credit Report is your best step to owning a new home.

  • How to ensure your credit checks don't damage your credit score.