No Down Payment No Closing Cost Home Loans  THE ZERO PROGRAM



A Mortgage Program to help Home Buyers, Home Sellers, and Real Estate Agents.


Home Buyers: buying a new home can put a very large dent in your savings account, there are closing costs, the required down payment and all the incidental fees associated with buying a new home. If you haven't saved enough money to buy a new home it may be that you will have to place your dream on hold, sometimes for a very long time.

What if you didn't need a down payment? What if all your closing costs were taken care of for you? It is very possible to purchase a new home with zero out of pocket expense!

Home Sellers: in todays market most home buyers are first time home buyers, if we can make any initial assumption about today's home buyers is that they don't have enough money saved to finalize the sale. In  many home purchases the home buyer and the home seller end up negotiating a seller concession to help pay for the closing costs of the home buyer.

If you are paying the closing costs of the buyer of your home you are reducing the net profit of your sale, giving you less money at the closing. Make more profit and still have the home buyer's closing costs paid, but not by you!

Real Estate Agents: Imagine the excitement your listings would receive over similar houses for sale if you advertised the listing with: "Zero Down Payment - Zero Closing Costs". Do you think potential home buyers would want to know more? Sell your listings for more and faster!

Be the hero to your listing clients because you help them secure more net profit from the sale of their home because of Zero Program. Earn more listing business because you have a program that will find more buyers faster!



No down payment No Closing Cost Lender

This is an exclusive program provided by Bob Rutledge and USA Mortgage. There are very few home loan providers that can provide this type of mortgage program.

There are even fewer mortgage lenders that will provide this program.

We recognize the need to help home buyers and home sellers realize the dream of home ownership.



It all starts with the utilizing one of two of the many great mortgage programs available, VA or USDA Rural Development 100% financing. These two mortgage loan programs provide zero down payment options to all home buyers.

If you have or still serve in the Arm Services and are eligible for theVA Mortgage then you may be eligible for 100% mortgage financing. If you aren't sure if you are Veteran eligible for VA mortgage I can help; I will need a copy of your DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility. Don't have your Certificate of Eligibility, then get me your DD214 and I will get a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility.

If you are looking to purchase a home outside of the large metro areas of Missouri then USDA Rural Development is the best mortgage program for you. This mortgage program allows for 100% financing.

The USDA Rural Development program is for home buyers who are looking to purchase in rural areas, semi rural but not in a larger populated area. Down town St. Louis is not eligible but parts of Jefferson and St. Charles County are, the city limits of Springfield are not eligible but everywhere else around is, Kansas City is not eligible but many of the attached counties are.

Not sure if your income qualifies? Not sure if the house you want is in an eligible region? Use the form below and I will help you.

FHA home loans can work with this program too, kind of. FHA requires a minimum down payment of 3.5 percent of the sales price. I cannot provide the funds for an FHA down payment but I can help with all the closing costs. If you can't utilize the USDA Rural Development loan or the VA mortgage then FHA financing is the best program for you.

Still concerned about the FHA required 3.5% down payment, did you know there are 24 different methods of funding your down payment listed in the FHA Underwriting Manual? Many of these down payment funding methods you will have available to you. Feel free to contact me and I will help you find your own down payment.

It is possible sometimes to receive down payment assistance if your are a first time home buyer, and sometimes through skillful negotiations or depending on what down payment assistance program is utilized it may be possible to have some if not all of your closing costs taken care of for you.


Want to know more how the Zero Program can go to work for you? If you are a home seller, real estate agent or home buyer there are terms and conditions that will apply to you. Allow me the opportunity to explain how this program can help you.

Please, take a few minutes to fill out the form below and I will personally get back in touch with you. If you would like to learn more now, I am only a phone call away.



USDA-DPA-VA-Zero Program

Fill Out the Entire Form for a Quick Pre-Qualification to determine if you qualify for the USDA Mortgage Program, a VA Mortgage, FHA, Down Payment Help, or my special ZERO Program. I will have an answer to you within 1 to 2 business, many times sooner. It Will Only Take 2 Minutes to Fill the Form and Soon You Will Have Answers to Many of Your Questions If you would like only a copy of my complete Mortgage Ready Guide for home buyers plus a $500 Closing Costs Credit fill out only the required items. There are only 3 required items. I hope that I will soon be working for you and helping with the purchase of your next new home.