Bob Rutledge, A Real Person with Real Experience!

This is my website, this is me speaking to you. My promise to you is that when it comes time to work together you will be working with me, Bob Rutledge. I answer your calls, I am the person who is replying to your emails, I am the person that replies to the forms you fill out on my website.

Why is this so important? If you like the message I am trying to deliver in this website then you are assured it is me that you will speak, nobody else.

I try to work with a very limited number of borrowers every month. Which insures that you get the personal service necessary for your mortgage application and questions.

I became a mortgage loan officer in 1995, I have closed thousands of mortgage applications in that time. Before I was a mortgage lender I worked on Wall Street, I was a Certified Financial Planner, and I earned a Masters Degree is Finance. I have worked to become a Certified Renovation Mortgage Specialist as well as a Certified Divorce Mortgage Specialist. For a while I was a Direct Endorsed FHA Underwriter, this is very important for those who need a little extra to get approved! You will not find many loan officers with the time in the business, the experience, the education, along with the willingness to work one on one with each and every borrower.

I am a Certified FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage Lender, if you need a FHA 203k Renovation home loan or if you have questions about ANY of the renovation mortgages program I can help you better than most loan officers, let me help.

Please feel free to contact me, directly by phone/cell or email me, I welcome your questions, if you don't know or need to know more I can help and maybe we can end up working together. I welcome the opportunity of working with you to help you get the best mortgage and seeing you get your next new home with the absolute best mortgage situation.