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The Missouri Teacher Home Loan Program
The  Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program is a real estate home loan reward savings program for Teachers and Educators when they buy or refinance a home in Missouri.  The Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program can be referred to as a mortgage program for heroes.

INTRODUCING the Buyer Accepted Program for Teachers and Educators! Become a CASH HOME BUYER and win the house you want! (see details below)

Why Teachers and Educators Specifically? My sister works in the Ft. Zumwalt School District, my Aunt in the Francis Howell School District. My best friend from the old neighborhood is a teacher in Troy. Many of my High School and College Friends went on to be Educators. I have many family, friends, and clients who are in Education throughout Missouri and Illinois and I have found there is a need for this program.

When my children were in school I was fortunate enough to help one of their teachers, then another, and then their friends and family who were teachers, I worked with them ALL as if they were family. My children have grown into amazing people that came from the work we as parents provided them, but also through their experiences with the many wonderful educators they had year to year to year.

As I have helped many of our family, friends, and acquaintances in education with their home loans I decided it was time that ALL TEACHERS should receive the same special mortgage program that I have been providing to friends and family for years!  

The Teachers Home Loan Program is an individually designed mortgage and home buying plan to provide teachers, educators, and those involved in education with more and better options that are not or can not be offered by other lenders. The goal of program is to provide money saving options at closing and throughout the life of your home loan.

Most Teacher/Education mortgage programs provide a one size fits all offer/benefit as though you and your home buying situation are not unique. Every home buyer and what they need or want whey they are shopping for a new home are unique.

The Missouri Teacher Home Loan Program is an individually designed home buying program intended to optimize your savings and provide a mortgage built for you.

"Of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher."







Even with lunch time trips to the dollar store for supplies, peer drama, bullying, learning disabilities, parents and administrators, you still figure out how to give more to your students. Just as we rely on the patience, knowledge and virtue of pre-K, K-12 and post-secondary teachers like you to educate the students, you can rely on us to give back to you and your family when you need a place to call home. 

"On The Job, You Serve Others. Now It's Our Turn To Serve You."



Benefits/Options of the Teachers Home Loan Program Simply stated, the Teachers Home Loan Program saves you money through better options:  

  • Discounted interest rates (option available)
  • No Lender Fees for loan amounts over $150,000 (excludes down payment assistance)
  • The ZERO PROGRAM (buy your new home with no money out of your pocket)  (LEARN MORE)
  • Skip Your First 3 House Payments (option available) (FHA or VA only)
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs (multiple options available) 620 or Higher Credit Score Required
  • Grant, Subsidies, and Concession Programs to assist with your closing costs (options available)
  • No Mortgage Insurance option for Conventional Mortgages with less than 20% down payment
  • No Upfront fees at time of application
  • No rate lock fee
  • The Credit Score Rescue Program (LEARN MORE)
  • Flexible underwriting (580 credit score options available)
  • Low Down Payment Mortgage Options (starting at zero down payment, 3% conventional, 3.5% FHA)
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate, an IRS tax credit up to $2000 for First Time Home Buyers 
  • HUD's Teacher Next Door Program pairs educators with federal, state, and local home loan programs for teachers— including the Good Neighbors Next Door program. It also grants up to $4,170 for teachers and even $6,000 in some areas depending on the cost of living.


The Teachers Home Loan Program Guidelines
  •         Purchase or refinance
  •         NOT limited to first time buyers
  •         Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA Loan Programs
  •         No income limit*
  •         Credit scores as low as 580 depending on program, 620 or higher is recommended
  •         Down payment options as low as 0 – 3.5% with a new 3% down option
  •         15 or 30 year fixed loan terms available as well as Adjustable Rate Mortgage options
  •         Debt to Income Ratios as high as 50%
  •         Primary Residence, Condos (non-warrantable possible) or Second Homes only
  •         Single Family Residences or Duplexes only

* Income limits and additional guidelines may apply if combining with down payment assistance, HomeReady or HomePossible program.




The Missouri Teachers Home Loan Program is available to

Teachers, Faculty, Principals, Coaches, Librarians, Nurses, Secretaries, Custodial/Facilities Staff, School/District Leadership, Professors, Adjunct Faculty, Counselors, any ISD/Higher EDU/Private EDU employee. The Lunch Lady....if you help our children ask me!


Because Teachers Matter! Teachers and all Educators Deserve Recognition and Benefit for Their Work! Let's work together.


Turning Teachers and Educators in CASH BUYERS
Cash buyers are now 1 in 4 homes purchased! If you want to get your home offer to the top of the list become a CASH BUYER!
 The Buyer Accepted Program will purchase your new home  with Cash making your offer more attractive to all sellers, you then finance your new home with New American Funding using a Conventional, VA or Jumbo mortgage. Down payments as low as 3% with conventional! If you can qualify for a new home you can become a Cash Buyer!

This new seller's market is difficult to get the home you want, improve your chances with the Buyer Accepted Program!

What will I guarantee Teachers?
• Lowest down payment options available.
• Very Competitive interest rates and closing costs.
• Simple processing for an efficient close.
• Flexible credit requirements
• Availability to YOUR schedule

Hi, I am Bob Rutledge with New American Funding a progressive and customer oriented Mortgage Company. I have been a Mortgage Loan Officer for over 2 Decades, I have closed 1000s of mortgage, I have experience as a Mortgage Underwriter too.  

I created and make The missouri Teachers Home Loan Program available because I saw a great need to help educators and teachers who provide so much and are not provided the recognition and thanks that is deserved. I have helped many become home buyers and I realized that I could help more and started The Teachers Home Loan Programs

I specialize in helping home buyers purchase their new home with little to nothing out of pocket. I specialize in  Renovation, and Construction Mortgages, and knowing the best mortgage options, programs and guidelines to provide the best to my clients. When we work together you will find that I answer all questions, sometimes before they are asked. I prefer to be available to you as much as my family and life will allow, I am accessible to you via my cell, text, or email, or you can come and visit at my office. You will never wonder if I left you


I will provide you with a complete and detailed assessment and a pre-qualification letter. Within 1 to 2 business days I will email you what options and benefits are available to you through the Teachers Program. 













































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