You own your home....
you want to....
 you are considering...
 or you ARE going to make improvements to you home!

There are a lot of financing options available to you to make home improvements, renovations, rehab, updating when you own your home.....

You can consider financing through your Contractor, generally something some homeowners will do when they are not aware of the many options available to them.

You can consider a second mortgage options like a equity loan, the most popular being a Home Equity Line of Credit. Very popular at the time of the 'Mortgage Crisis' not as much now. Keep in mind that it will take having enough equity in your home to cover the improvement costs plus extra equity.

You can consider a Cash Out Refinance, again you will be required to have a substantial equity stake in your home plus a lot of extra equity as well. 

I can help with a Cash Out Refinance and if you need a referral for a Equity home loan I can help with that too. What I specialize in is Renovation Mortgages, like the FHA 203k, Fannie Mae Conventional HomeStyle, VA Renovation, and Jumbo Renovation Mortgages.


My name is Bob Rutledge and I specialize in renovation mortgages, I am a Certified Renovation Mortgage Specialist, and I close renovation mortgages every month. Most mortgage lenders cannot say that. If you are considering making home improvements to your house I would welcome the opportunity to help you understand your financing options. I speak with home owners and home buyers every day that have questions about renovation home loans. I have the ability to close FHA 203k and HomeStyle Renovation loans all over the State of Missouri, I am also licensed to close renovation mortgages in Texas, Ohio, Florida, and Illinois. We are licensed in 48 states and many of the United States territories. If I cannot help you with your renovation mortgage needs I can refer you to someone that I trust, that will help you.

If you need help with a renovation mortgage, have questions or would like to apply for a renovation mortgage please free to contact me. Email me
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