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The Missouri Nurses Home Loan Program
We Help Nurses Save on Their Home! 

An individually designed mortgage and home buying strategy to provide you with better mortgage options that are not or can not be offered by other lenders. The goal of The Missouri Nurses Home Loan Program is to provide money saving options at closing and throughout the life of your home loan.

I started the Nurses Home Loan Program because I realized there was a need for a subject matter expert in mortgage lending that had the experience and knowledge of working with and helping Nurses secure a beneficial mortgage for their home. As you may know of will learn just the way Nurses are paid can be a problem for many mortgage lenders and loan officers. 

Why did I start the Nurses Home Loan Program? I have been married to a RN since 1983, my two sisters are Nurses, many of our lifelong friends are Nurses, and I have many cousins, friends, and clients who are all Nurses. I have closed 100s of mortgages for Nurses I understand what it takes to get through many of the roadblocks that mortgage lenders, underwriting guidelines, and loan officers can place in front of you.

Mortgage guidelines are written for those inside the box borrowers, all W2 income, work an 8 to 5 job, and make the same amount each month....this is not the reality of a Nurse. Shift differentials, Travel Nurses, W2 and 1009 income, New Nurse Graduates, overtime from the start, and so much more that makes you all special.

The Nurses Home Loan Program is an individually designed mortgage and home buying plan to provide all nurses, medical professional, and those involved in the related fields with more and better options that are not or can not be offered by other lenders. The goal of program is to provide money saving options at closing and throughout the life of your home loan.

Most nurse/medical mortgage programs provide a one size fits all offer/benefit as though you and your home buying situation are not unique. Every home buyer and what they need or want whey they are shopping for a new home are unique.

The Missouri Nurses Home Loan Program is an individually designed home buying program intended to optimize your savings and provide a mortgage built for you. 

The Nurse Home Loan Program is intended to bring Nurses extra benefits to help save you money from the start of your mortgage to the very end. Plus, a mortgage loan officer that knows what makes you SPECIAL! 

Benefits/Options of the Nurses Home Loan Program 

Simply stated, the Nurses Home Loan Program saves you money through better options:

  • Discounted interest rates (option available)
  • No Lender Fees for loan amounts over $150,000 (excludes down payment assistance)
  • The ZERO PROGRAM (buy your new home with no money out of your pocket)  (LEARN MORE)
  • Skip Your First 3 House Payments (option available) (FHA or VA only)
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs (multiple options available) 620 or Higher Credit Score Required
  • Grant, Subsidies, and Concession Programs to assist with your closing costs (options available)
  • No Mortgage Insurance option for Conventional Mortgages with less than 20% down payment
  • No Upfront fees at time of application
  • No rate lock fee
  • The Credit Score Rescue Program (LEARN MORE)
  • Flexible underwriting (580 credit score options available)
  • Low Down Payment Mortgage Options (starting at zero down payment, 3% conventional, 3.5% FHA)
  • Mortgage Credit Certificate, an IRS tax credit up to $2000 for First Time Home Buyers 


The Nurses Home Loan Program Guidelines
  •         Purchase or refinance
  •         NOT limited to first time buyers
  •         Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA Loan Programs
  •         No income limit*
  •         Credit scores as low as 580 depending on program, 620 or higher is recommended
  •         Down payment options as low as 0 – 3.5% with a new 3% down option
  •         15 or 30 year fixed loan terms available as well as Adjustable Rate Mortgage options
  •         Debt to Income Ratios as high as 50%
  •         Primary Residence, Condos (non-warrantable possible) or Second Homes only
  •         Single Family Residences or Duplexes only
* Income limits and additional guidelines may apply if combining with down payment assistance, HomeReady or HomePossible program.

Who Is Eligible
  • Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Medical Assistants
  • Medical Staff
  • Specialists
  • Orthodontists
  • Endoscopy / Radiology Techs
  • Lab Techs
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Hospital Employees 
  • Pharmacist 

Property Types

Eligible Properties

·         1-4 Single family residence (SFR)

·         Detached PUD / Condo’s

·         Primary Residence

Ineligible Property Types

·         Manufactured homes (occasional exceptions possible)

·         Log homes or condotels

·         Investment properties

Because Nurses Matter!
Nurses Deserve Recognition and Benefit for Their Work!

What will I guarantee Nurses?
• Lowest down payment options available.
• Very Competitive interest rates and closing costs.
• Simple processing for an efficient close.
• Flexible credit requirements 
• Availability to YOUR schedule

Hi, I am Bob Rutledge with New American Funding a progressive and customer oriented Mortgage Company. I have been a Mortgage Loan Officer for over 2 Decades, I have closed 1000s of mortgage, I also have experience as a Mortgage Underwriter.  I am uniquely qualified to help most borrowers, I can help you.

I created and made The Nurses Home Loan Program available because I am married to a Nurse, 2 of my sisters are Nurses, my daughter is a Physical Therapist. Many other family members are Nurses and many of our friends are Nurses or are in some other medical related field. I have helped many become home buyers and I realized that I could help more and started The Nurses Home Loan Programs.

I specialize in First Time Home Buyer Programs, Renovation, and Construction Mortgages, and knowing the best mortgage options, programs and guidelines to provide the best to my clients. When we work together you will find that I answer all questions, sometimes before they are asked. I prefer to be available to you as much as my family and life will allow, I am accessible to you via my cell, text, or email, or you can come and visit at my office. You will never wonder if I left you. 

I will provide you with a custom detailed pre-qualification letter containing all your options and benefits of the Missouri Nurses Home Loan Program specific to you!