THE VA 3-2-1-0 

The VA 3-2-1-0 Home Buying Mortgage Program is designed for and with YOU in mind to provide additional options to the Veteran Home buyer. Options not readily available elsewhere and as a value added benefit to the already highly beneficial VA Mortgage Program!

Military and Veteran home buyers have access to one of the most unique and powerful loan programs ever created. The VA Loan program is the most powerful home loan program on the market for many veterans, service members and military families. This flexible home loan comes with significant benefits that opens the doors wider to home ownership for veterans. 

VA loans require no down payment or private mortgage insurance. They feature competitive interest rates and terms plus allow qualified borrowers to purchase a home with little to no money out of pocket. 

Today, the VA Mortgage is more important than ever. In recent years, lenders nationwide have tightened their lending requirements, The VA 3-2-1-0 Home Buying Program is different, designed to bring more option benefits to those able to utilize the VA Mortgage Program.

The VA 3-2-1-0
Home Buying Program

Benefit Options Explained
Skip 3 House Payments: I know of no other mortgage lender providing the Skip 3 payment option to VA mortgage home buyers. The Skip 3 program allows the VA home buyer to have their first 3 house payments paid on their behalf. In many instances the VA home buyer will not have a house payment come from them until they have been in their new home for at least 4 months!

How the Skip 3 works; utilizing a small concession from the seller of the home you are purchasing funds will be set aside after closing to make the first three house payments for you. The seller will pay the interest, the monthly home owner's insurance, the monthly taxes, and anything else other than the principal portion of the house payment. The principal portion owed in the first 3 payments are collected at the time of closing to be added to the seller payment. I wish we could have the entire house payment paid on behalf of the VA borrower but it isn't allowed. Have you seen what the principal payment is on the first 3 payments of an amortization schedule, very negligible. Of course I can show this to you if requested.

2/1 Interest Rate Buy Down:
How would you like a very low 30 year interest rate when you purchase your new home? Silly Question? Everyone when they utilize the VA 3-2-1-0 program has the low interest rate pledge, with the 2/1 program you will be locked into a low 30 year interest rate that has a starting interest rate 2 full percentage points below your lock rate for the first 12 months of payments. Then the second year, payments 13 through 24 your interest rate goes up 1% but is also 1% below your true locked in rate. It isn't until payment 25, the start of your third year of payments, that your house payment settles into the actual locked in payment.

The 2/1 Program helps to provide a lower payment to you and eases you into your full payment, this can be a great savings to the home buyer especially since they will not be paying for the 2/1 program. Utilizing grants, subsidies, and/or concessions the 2/1 program is paid for and on behalf of the VA home buyer. 

1 Time Permanent Rate Adjustment: The VA 3-2-1-0 Home Buying Program already comes with the low interest pledge, providing you with the best possible fixed rate mortgage the market will allow. What if your interest rate was .250% to .625% lower for the life of the loan, would that be something to tell friends and family about? Utilizing the available grants, subsidies, and/or concessions in the purchase of your new hope a permanent locked in interest rate will be provided to you that is well below the available market interest rate on the day you lock in your mortgage interest rate. 

An example of how this can work for a VA home buyer, you will negotiate a 2% seller concession at the time of your purchase offer to be used for the permanent buy down of your interest rate. These funds are applied as discount points at the time we lock in your already low fixed rate mortgage. 

A 2 percent seller concession used for the permanent reduction of your interest rate will provide you a lower house payment than if you requested and received a 6 to 8 percent reduction in the sales price of the home you are interested in purchasing!

0 Closing Costs: when you purchase a new home there are always closing costs involved, generally these closing costs can run from 2.5 to 5 percent of the sales price of the home. The good news is that VA regulates closing costs and what can be charged to the VA borrower. But, no matter what there are closing costs involved and they can be costly, what if those closing cost were paid for you? 

You Would Be Purchasing a New Home With ZERO Money Out of Your Pockets! Since the VA mortgage program has a no down payment requirement and you just had your closing costs paid on your behalf it is very possible that you can go to closing not needing to bring a check with you. It could be very possible that if you provided an earnest money deposit at the time of your accepted offer that your earnest money or a good portion of it will be provided to you after you complete the closing procedures. 

Utilizing the normal grants, subsidies, and/or concessions available or negotiated for you it is very possible to have your closing costs paid for you. I know because I make this happen for many home buyers every month, not just VA home buyers. 

The VA 3-2-1-0 Home Buying Mortgage Program provides additional benefits to you through value rich options that are not generally provided or offered. I have always concentrated on making more options available to home buyers! If you have not already take the 3-2-1-0 Quiz and see what options are available to you.

Choose the Best of the 3-2-1-0 Option for you, sometimes options can be combined. Add your option choice to an already great VA Mortgage Program. This combination of options and mortgage is unbeatable!

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