Are you considering buying your first new home? Have you been hearing about all the great First Time Home Buyer mortgage programs? I have been helping first time home buyers in the St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson County area since 1996 realize their dream of home ownership.

During all those years I have never placed any first timer in a home loan program specifically designed for the first time home buyer. Why? Because there is no such thing as a first time home buyer mortgage program. In the mortgage industry we cannot discriminate or show favoritism to any group, class of people, race, age, or anyone, including first time home buyers.

What I have done to help first time home buyers is to get them the home they want with the best home loan program that fits their specific needs and wants. Down payment assistance, closing cost help, renovation and home repair help, credit challenged, qualifying options, and others are all items I have used to help a home buyer secure their next new home. But, I have not being able to use a home loan program that provided first time home buyers an advantage to getting a new mortgage over another seasoned home buyer.

The Defacto First Time Home Buyer Program

Most of the times the FHA mortgage program is referred to as the first time home buyer program, granted it is easier to credit qualify for a FHA home loan, the down payment is less than a conventional mortgage, the debt to income guidelines are more lacked, and it is just plain easier to get an FHA mortgage. But, those who want to own a new home can utilize the FHA program even if they have owned a home prior.

Mainly, the FHA home loan program is what most first time home buyers will use to finance their first new home purchase. Why, the lower down payment works so well with the available down payment assistance programs and the lack of saved cash most first time home buyers experience.

Did I say Down Payment Assistance? If you are a first time home buyer combining the FHA mortgage program and all the down payment assistance programs available in the area and the state will in more instances get you your next new home with no down payment out of your pocket! I have a lot of information on what is available for first time home buyers in the way of down payment assistance, if you want to learn more start by CLICKING HERE.

There are other programs that work well with first time home buyers, the USDA Rural Development mortgage program is a great no down payment mortgage that is for home buyers looking to buy outside the metropolitan areas of Missouri. Also, if you served or currently serve for us and the United States in the armed forces you should have benefits available to you, one of which is the VA Mortgage program. The VA mortgage is a no down payment program that is one of the best mortgage programs, period.

Down payment help for first time home buyers! There are multiple down payment assistance programs available in the St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson County area. There is one program that is available throughout the State of Missouri, referred to as MHDC.

Besides St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson County, these areas also have down payment assistance programs Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Blue Springs, Independence, Joplin, Lee's Summit, Jefferson City, and St. Joseph. Are of these down payment assistance programs are different and from time to time will run out of money. I have worked with these programs and can help you get approved for a mortgage AND down payment assistance.

First Time Home Buyers and Poor to Bad Credit Scores; many times when I am contacted my a first time home buyer they are looking to purchase a new home but they are looking for a first time home buyer program that provides for less than perfect credit. This is when we discuss the FHA mortgage program and the credit underwriting guidelines.

The FHA mortgage program will allow for credit scores down to a 500 credit score, but it will not be easy. Most lenders will have their own overlays to the FHA underwriting guidelines and not even consider a new home buyer unless their credit score is at a specific level, I hear a lot of 640 middle credit scores from many lenders. I can help guide you to a mortgage approval as long as your credit score is 500 or higher, again it will not be easy, it starts to become easier when your credit scores are at or above 580.

I have a lot of information on my website about how to get approved with LESS THAN PERFECT CREDIT, what needs to be done depending on what your credit scores are, what can be done to offset poor credit, and the secret formula to mortgage approval with less then perfect credit.

If you are a first time home buyer and you have been turned down or away by a mortgage lender you need to learn why. If you think your credit scores are not where they should be you need my website's help. Then you need to contact me and I will help you with the purchase of your next new home.

Can a First Time Home Buyer get into their next new home with ZERO OUT OF POCKET? Yes, in many instances this is very possible! Imagine on the day we are all at the closing and you are signing the mortgage documents and you now own your first home you are given a check to reimburse you for the money spent or used for your earnest money deposit.

It is possible, you simply need to work with the right mortgage lender who can help guide you through the process, get you approved for the right mortgage program, the right down payment assistance program, and work with you and your real estate agent to make it all work out. Learn more about the ZERO Program at my website, I have helped many first time home buyers get their first new home with little to nothing out of pocket, I can do the same for you.

I want a FIXER UPPER! I want a BARGAIN! I want a HUD Home! I can't find a house I like! I hear these comments and/or complaints a lot in today's housing market from a lot of First Time Home Buyers! There are mortgage programs that are designed specifically for all these situations and I am helping more and more first time home buyers by introducing them to RENOVATION MORTGAGES!

There are programs designed to help you not only purchase your next new home but also will provide you with the money to fix up, rehab, renovate, make it your home, whatever you want to call it but if you can find a house and it is a nightmare now there are mortgage programs that will turn it into your dream home.

The FHA 203k Renovation Mortgage program works well with first time home buyers because it opens the entire housing market up to you. Most homes in the first time home buyer price range are older homes, they are sometimes outdated, some are near perfect in every way except for the condition of the home. This is when you can possible get a home at a price below market value, fix it up, and have a new home that is yours and not a house you had to settle for.

Are You A First Time Home Buyer? Then you should have a First Time Home Buyer Specialist working for you!

Hi, I am Bob Rutledge with New American Funding a progressive and customer oriented Mortgage Company. I have been a Mortgage Loan Officer for over 2 Decades, I have closed 1000s of mortgage, I have experience as a Mortgage Underwriter too.  I specialize in First Time Home Buyer Programs, Renovation and Construction Mortgages, and knowing the best mortgage options, programs and guidelines to provide the best to my clients.  I concentrate on making more options available to home buyers! When we work together you will find that I answer all questions, sometimes before they are asked. I prefer to be available to you as much as my family and life will allow, I am accessible to you via my cell, text, or email, or you can come and visit at my office. You will never wonder if I left you. 

Down Payment Assistance Finder

A Personlized Individual Search Fitted to You! The information you provide will assist me in determining what down payment assistance programs best fits you and your circumstances . I will also provide you with a preliminary mortgage pre-qualification that will aid you toward your down payment assistance search. Allow me to help you keep more money in your pocket when you purchase your next new home! I will not pull your credit. But, please be as accurate and as thorough as possible all questions are necessary to help determine your qualification for down payment programs. I will have an answer to you within 24 to 48 hours, please watch your email.